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Dear Softball Friend,

You know that warm-ups are important. You've been told all your life that they prevent injuries and help you perform better.

But, over the past years, you've heard several times that traditional warm-ups with static stretching are not good anymore and that dynamic warm-ups are now the way to go.

Is that really so? Yes it is.

If you are still doing traditional warm-ups with static stretching or doing dynamic warm-ups the wrong way, you might actually be hurting your performance!

Traditional Warm-Ups With Static Stretching Are Useless

You see, traditional (or "old school") warm-ups, you know the warm-ups where you run a lap or two around the field and then you sit down in a circle to stretch your muscles - are ineffective to prevent injuries and they actually decrease speed and power!

And guess what? Softball requires a lot of speed and power. That means that traditional warm-ups hurt your performance on the field.

Static Stretching Doesn't Prevent Injuries

You typically warm-up to prevent injuries - every single athlete and coach knows that. For a long time, it's been thought that static stretching was a great way to prevent injuries and that's why it's been used extensively for years as a mean to warm-up.

However, a couple of years ago, several scientific studies threw a cold shower on the sports community when they clearly demonstrated that it's not the case. Static stretching has no incidence whatsoever on the number of injuries no matter the sport.

In others words, static stretching before a workout, a practice or a game is useless because it doesn't prevent injuries.

"Old school" warm-ups like this one using static stretching are useless, ineffective, and detrimental. They don't prevent injuries and even decrease performance!

Static Stretching Even Decreases Your Performance!

And even worse, static stretching decreases performance.

Let me tell you why.

It's a well-known physiological fact that in order to generate a lot of speed and power, you need your nervous system to be fully activated and turned on.

You see, your nervous system needs to be super alert, totally primed and ready to quickly fire all your explosive fast-twitch muscle fibers to generate speed and power.

However, a few years ago, sports scientists discovered that static stretching actually TURNS OFF your nervous system killing your ability to quickly fire your explosive fast-twitch muscle fibers and greatly reducing your ability to generate a lot of speed and power!

It was also shown that your nervous system is turned off for up to an hour after doing static stretching. That's pretty bad considering softball games are played in less than 2 hours!

Dyamic Warm-Ups Are The Solution

As you can now see, traditional (aka "old school") warm-ups with static stretching are ineffective to prevent injuries and also decrease performance. They need to be ditched and replaced with something that actually prevents injuries and increases performance - dynamic warm-ups!

Dynamic warm-ups through dynamic stretches, mobility exercises, and various activation drills prevent injuries and increase performance by fully warming-up your body, loosening up all your muscles, AND turning on your nervous system so that you can be super alert, totally primed and ready to quickly fire all your explosive fast-twitch muscle fibers to generate speed and power.

Bottom line, dynamic warm-ups turn your nervous system on instead of turning it off! That's a major difference if you want to be fast, agile, and powerful while competing!

Not Every Dynamic Warm-Up Protocol is Equally Effective

It's possible that you've already jumped on the dynamic warm-up bandwagon. If so, congratulations, it's a positive step forward.

However, are you sure that your warm-up protocol is complete, effective, and specific to the needs of softball players?

How did you developped your dynamic warm-up protocol? Let me guess. You probably picked up a few dynamic exercises here and there and added them to your warm-up routine or you literally "borrowed" a dynamic warm-up protocol from another coach or another sport like track, soccer, basketball, or football to name a few.

While this is definitely much better than doing "old school", static stretching driven warm-ups, it's very likely that there are serious deficiencies in your dynamic warm-up routine!

You see, to be complete, effective, and meet ALL the specific needs of softball players, a warm-up must target all of the body parts that are involved in softball.

Yet, most dynamic warm-up routines I see being performed in softball focus almost exclusively on the lower body with very little trunk or upper body in them. Aren't the trunk and the upper body important in our sport?

Here is another question for you: how many excellent trunk and upper body, softball-specific dynamic warm-up exercises do you know? Probably not too many. If so, your warm-up routine probably has serious deficiencies.

Also, do you even know if your routine has a good balance of dynamic stretches, mobility exercises, and activation drills? Do you even know what I'm talking about? If you've answered no to any of those two questions, it's very likely that your warm-up has serious deficiencies.

Your Dynamic Warm-up Must Be Softball-Specific!

Over the last few years, I've seen more and more softball teams, coaches and athletes use some form of dynamic warm-ups in their preparation and that's good news.

However, the big problem is that most of the dynamic warm-ups being performed are not softball-specific!

You see, most dynamic warm-ups being taught out there by trainers were developed for sports with a heavy emphasis on running and the lower body (track, football, soccer, basketball, and so on). So just about every dynamic warm-up protocol does a really good job of warming up the lower body but totally forgets the trunk and the upper body!

Well, the problem is that in softball, we also rely extensively on the trunk and the upper body to throw, catch, and hit. So, you definitely need to warm-up the upper body as well and most dynamic warm-ups fail to properly do so!

They Laughed When My Team Did Those Weird Dynamic Exercises

But When We Started To Play...

Dynamic warm-ups are nothing new to me. I've learned about them a very long time ago when I was a kinesiology student. In fact, I've been using dynamic warm-ups for over 15 years now.

Back then, people used to laughed at me and at my athletes for doing that "weird" dynamic stuff. They stopped laughing when they saw us play and outperform them!

Dynamic warm-ups were almost like a secret weapon for us (before it became mainstream) as it totally made us game-ready and we always came out of the gate super strong because of superior pre-game preparation.

That's what happens when you are somewhat of a pioneer in your field; people laugh at you for being "unconventional". As far as I know, I was one of the first ones to bring dynamic warm-ups into the softball world in the early 1990's.

Dynamic Warm-Up for Softball That Works!

Over the years, more people have heard about dynamic warm-ups and how important they are. As a results, I've been asked more and more about them and how to perform them.

So, I've ended up teaching the principles of dynamic warm-ups and how to perform them to hundreds of softball coaches, players, and teams in the past 10 years.

Since dynamic warm-ups have become more mainstream in recent years and that people consider me an authority on the matter, I've also started to receive tons of requests for a resource for coaches, players, and teams on how to do and perform softball-specific dynamic warm-ups.

I resisted doing so for a long time because I had so many other projects I wanted to complete. However, after much "arm-twisting" from the softball community, I finally went to work and created a brand new dynamic warm-up protocol for softball that any coach, player or team can use to successfully prevent injuries and increase their performance!

Combining my intimate knowledge of the game of softball (which many trainers don't have) and my expertise in performance enhancement, training and conditioning, I've developed a high-performance, softball-specific dynamic warm-up protocol that is highly effective at preventing injuries and preparing the body to perform at a superior level!

"A Coach Raves About The Results He Got With The Dynamic Warm-Up for Softball System!"

"As a coach, I've always struggled with what kind of proper warm up the kids should do. This Dynamic Warm-Up for Softball System has really been a hit with the kids on my team. They actually enjoy it and you can see them getting better and better at it. Absolutely no pulls or strains since implementing it.

It's been 6 weeks and the results are tremendous. Functionally, they move a lot better and yet it doesn't take that long to accomplish. There is enough variety that it does not get stale for the girls either. However, the best thing is that the team has also been playing very well since we started using this warm-up!"

Rob Sciortino, Ft. Worth, TX


The Dynamic Warm-Up for Softball System is a Complete, Highly Effective Solution That Will
Prepare You to Deliver Great Performances And Keep You Injury-Free...GUARANTEED!

Using this high-performance, softball-specific dynamic warm-up protocol, you'll...

  • Definitely get superior pre-game preparation
  • Be ready for battle in a matter of minutes
  • Increase your speed and agility for games
  • Be at your best when the game starts
  • Increase your attention and focus
  • Be Ready to quickly fire your explosive fast-twitch muscle fibers
  • Become much more athletic over time
  • Decrease stress, anxiety (high anxiety can increase fatigue), and tension
  • Increase your flexibility, joint stability and muscular balance
  • Activate and turn on your nervous system
  • Improve your body awareness
  • Maximize your bat speed and hitting power
  • Stay healthy and keep the injuries away
  • And much more...
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Here’s a sample of what you'll learn and get with this Dynamic Warm-Up for Softball System:

    "Gain Strength, Speed, and Power Almost Instantly By Activating Your Nervous System!"

  • Learn how you can increase speed and power quickly! Not tomorrow or next week……we are talking immediately!!!
  • Find out how two classic rehabilitation exercises can be used effectively in a warm-up to reduce low back pain! Learn the proper technique and you’ll feel so good, you’ll use these exercises everyday!
  • Discover the key aspect of an active warm-up that will ensure continued success and keep injury at bay!
  • "Discover Real Techniques The Best Trainers Are Using To Warm Up Their Athletes!"

  • Discover one crucial tip to heighten proprioceptors and rev up the nervous system!
  • Discover several key mobility drills to help lubricate joints and keep their surfaces smooth and healthy! I assume your in this for the "long haul", right? Might as well save those joints along the way!
  • Learn a great and highly effective stretch for the groin that you can do anywhere! Believe me, it makes a BIG DIFFERENCE!
  • Discover a special method to use when performing dynamic stretches. I can’t tell you how valuable this is to your performance, not to mention how valuable it is to remaining injury-free!
  • "No More Injuries!!!"

  • Learn how to reeducate the stretch reflex so that it does not fire too soon, which is very important if you are plagued with constant hamstring pulls. This technique helps teach the hamstrings not to tighten up at maximal range and speed. It really works!
  • Learn which form of stretching is useful to prepare for activity. The answer may surprise you!
  • "Forget All The Fads And Start Focusing On True Performance Enhancing Techniques!"

  • Discover which type of stretching will improve speed, strength, coordination and power, and what critical element is necessary for proper execution!
  • Discover which warm-up method will help you make the transition from resting to activity. This is essential before any workout, practice, or game!
  • Learn the most effective way to liberate range of motion. If you are tight, this method works fast. Most texts miss the boat on this – learn what’s necessary and what’s not!
  • Learn the best way to perform a static stretch after your games, practices, or workout! Almost everyone does this wrong!
  • Discover a single warm-up technique that is very useful if you have very tight muscles. An absolute must!
  • "Work Smarter, Not Harder!"

  • Learn five explosive drills to fire up the nervous system before a game! Train explosive, BE EXPLOSIVE!
  • Learn a crucial aspect involved in any warm-up. Fail to obey this rule and you’ll lose the effect and will need to start all over again!
  • Learn how to increase nervous system activation to guarantee that you recruit the maximum amount of muscle every time you need to be fast, powerful, and explosive!
  • Learn how to restore normal muscle length-tension relationships to deter muscle imbalances and prevent injury.
  • Learn how to improve shoulder, trunk, and hip coordination to prevent excessive strain on the body during practices or workouts.
  • Learn how you can raise core and muscular temperature without the use of unnecessary aerobic exercise. This will help prevent premature or excessive fatigue which is necessary to assure peak performance.
  • "Learn How To Improve Your Performance on the Softball Field …PERIOD!"

  • Learn how can you improve the muscle’s capacity to produce power without the stretch shortening cycle. You’ve got to see this move to believe it!
  • Discover a series of five exercises in one that teaches the body to move with great range of motion in a fluid, powerful, and fast manner. It is great as a total body warm-up improving overall power production and motor skill coordination in a short period of time…assuming that you can comfortably perform each component with satisfactory technique! Learn how.
  • Learn the one common mistake that most people make during their warm-up. Not only will this compromise speed and power, it can also lead to injury!
  • Learn the best, most efficient approach to take during your warm-up. Do you know what two things you must absolutely do during a specific warm-up? Learn it once and use it for a lifetime!

That's everything you'll ever need to deliver your best performance everytime!

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Okay, So What's The Cost For This Incredible Resource?

Well, realize that if I was going to take the time to teach you all of my knowledge on dynamic warm-ups for softball, it could easily cost you several hundreds dollars. I currently charge $300.00/hour for workshops and clinics.

And it would be worth every penny because the information and the techniques are that good and effective.

However, I'm not going to charge you anywhere near that amount. The current price of this system is only $29.97.

So what's the catch? Why is this system offered at this low price?

Well, it's really quite simple.

I know there is a huge demand for this information and I've seen sooooo many players, coaches, and teams warm up the wrong way over the years that I just want to make sure that everybody can afford it and access this crucial information!

So, you get it for only $29.97 + S/H.

100% Better-Than-Risk-Free-Take-it-To-The-Bank Guarantee

Since I have a reputation to keep and I don't want you to take any risk, I am offering an UNCONDITIONAL 90-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you are not satisfied with the system, I’ll refund every penny of your purchase price.

And I mean a true 100%, no-questions-asked, money back offer – not one of those lousy, 'you must prove it didn't work' guarantees!

Order your copy of the system today, and start applying the strategies and techniques to your game. You WILL see immediate results or I don't want your money. Period.

Is That Fair or What?

That means you can try out all the cutting edge strategies, techniques and routines at my risk, while you see if they work for you or not.

And if they don't produce, I honestly want you to ask for your money back.

There is absolutely no risk, whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me. If you don't produce immediate results using my system then I'm the loser, not you.

Look at it this way...

$29.97 is really a painless drop in the bucket compared to all the money you will spend on softball equipment, training aids, and other softball resources this year. You can’t lose…

Test it for up to 12 weeks. I absolutely guarantee you will love this system. I don't want a single cent off anybody who is not 100% happy.

Take advantage of the only NO RISK way to improve your game and stay injury-free.

You’re one click away from the best warm-up you'll ever do that will help you be at your best on the softball field.

Grab Your Copy of the Dynamic Warm-Up For Softball System NOW!

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Just imagine how great you will feel when your perform like you can on a consistent basis and you regularly outperform your opponents because of your superior pre-game preparation. And you'll be injury-free too!

And don't forget, if you're not completely satisfied after 90 days, you can claim a full refund. All the risk is on me so go ahead and give me a try now.

Marc Dagenais

Softball Peak Performance Coach

P.S If you'd rather talk to someone or order by phone, call us at 1-866-589-0439 and leave a message if we are not available, we will call you back very soon!
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